Other “off-site” Student-run Sports & Physical Activity programs

Rush Arts will not formally be offering any of these in-person clubs during the 2020-2021 school year until further notice.    However, we can not control what students do during their own time if they choose to engage in the below, typical, activities listed

Like in most communities where teens get together to play pick up games and sports, our students have created and facilitated several off-site clubs involving only Rush Arts students.  These clubs typically are not an official school club but through word of mouth, the students get their classmates and peers from Rush to meet them to participate in them and often do a great job showing sportsmanship and regard for each other’s safety. 

That said, some clubs are official and end up getting a staff-sponsor.  The following clubs are almost yearly occurrences and include staff involvement as well 

AM Wake-Up Walk:  Students meet at 7:00am behind the school on the track and walk a mile (4 times around) before coming to school (no supervising staff member)

Charity Walking Club:  Students participate in city “walks” to raise money or advocacy for health issues.  Walks have included the Aids Walk, Breast Cancer Walk and the Out of the Darkness Walk

E-Sports Club:    Students set up for an “at-home” tournament for a popular video game then, the finals take place in the gym or theater using a projector and screen.  Prizes are awarded to the winner(s) (usually a small gift card to Wawa).  Tournaments have been held in RocketLeague and SuperSmash Bros.    

Running Club:  Students independently as groups form teams in regional 5k races.  They are not officially representing the school although typically, all members of their race group are from the school.  Events have included the Insane Inflatables 5k obstacle course race and the Philly Color Run