Advisory Clubs at Rush Arts

For the 2020-2021 school year, at least in the beginning, this activity will not be happening


Students at Rush Arts have the opportunity to organize and implement sports clubs during advisory. The clubs meet one or two times a week and usually for 6 weeks.  This happens to ensure that all students that want to use the gym during advisory for a club can share it.

In order to facilitate a club, students must first see Mr. Corabi, Athletic Director to discuss.

Before they see him, they need to discuss and plan out club leaders/captains, what they want to have happen and how the club will be organized (drills, pick up games, set scheduled intramural “league”)

Clubs will not replace or remove Varsity team advisory meetings

Clubs should use existing equipment or have a plan for approved fundraising and donations.

Typical advisory clubs are:






Indoor Field Hockey fundamentals

Team Hand Ball

Kan Jam