How we hire coaches



ALL head coaches at the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush are School District of Philadelphia Teachers OR otherwise School District of Philadelphia Employees.  Coaches are hired based on the terms agreed upon by the School District of Philadelphia, Office of Athletics, & Philadelphia Federation of Teachers in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and “Bridge” document/addendum to the CBA.

To be eligible to coach. EACH coach must complete online course work through the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and take a School District sport-specific rating exam that includes a written test of core knowledge and a practical test/interview by a highly qualified panel of coaches in that sport. Coaches who are School-District employees and maintain a satisfactory rating (as detailed in the CBA and Bridge) will maintain their position annually.   Rating is not solely affected by wins/losses.

In the event a coach can not be found in the school or District, the job may be offered to a qualified candidate outside of the district for 1 year.  Vacancies will be posted on the School District of Philadelphia Division of Athletics page.  If 2 equally qualified, rated people apply for a vacancy, the Athletic Director and/or Principal will select a candidate based on an interview process.

Order of hiring

  1. RATED, within school..highest rating gets the position
  2. Unrated, within school
  3. Rated, within District (highest rating gets the position so long as they can get to Rush Arts in time for supervision)
  4. Un-Rated, current School District employees (who will start the process of getting a rating prior to season beginning)
  5. Rated, non-district employees (usually retired coaches)
  6. Un-Rated, non-district employees (who will start the process of getting a rating prior to season beginning)

Assistant coaches at RUSH ARTS are ONLY on a volunteer basis and are selected by the head coaches. They must also take all of the required online course work that head coaches are required to take.  In addition, if a volunteer is NOT a School District of Philadelphia Employee, they MUST obtain the appropriate child safety clearances prior to supervising the students.

Ongoing, volunteer parents who will directly be involved with students but will not take part in the instruction, training or actual facilitation of the sport, do not need to take the athletic certification courses but do need to have their volunteer child safety clearances on file.

This does not apply for quick activities such as helping to carry equipment from a field to the storage area.