After School Open Gym & Intramural Sports

For the 2020-2021 school year, at least in the beginning, this activity will not be happening.  IF any after school sports take place, they will only be run by qualified coaches and only for students who sign up for the teams until further notice


Rush Arts typically has several intramural, “just for fun” sports throughout the year.  Many of them meet during advisory for 20 minutes at a time 1 or 2x a week. 

In addition, Rush Arts offers OPEN GYM between each Varsity Sports Season for students who want to play the Varsity sports “just for fun” or, want to practice their skills for upcoming seasons.  All a student needs is an open gym permission slip  The clubs are open to all students regardless of sex/gender identity or skill level in the sports.

Furthermore, after school activities that are not varsity are also often offered during the “between” seasons. Some of the programs actually meet in the gym while others use the parking lot, the Academy Sabres Fields that the outdoor Varsity sports use or an outside facility. 

Many of the activities are facilitated by the Varsity coaches voluntarily while others are student-led with a staff supervisor.



Basketball (begins after Volleyball playoffs and ends when Varsity tryouts begin). Includes drills, fitness and games

2 hand touch Football (usually begins after Soccer season is over and lasts about 4 weeks)

Bowling ($7.00 per student.  off-site at Thunderbird Lanes on Holme Avenue)

Cheer club (dates vary)


Cheer club (dates vary)

Softball/Baseball skills (begins after Basketball playoffs end and ends when Varsity tryouts begin).


each of these sports meet 1 or 2x a week.  Some do not meet each year unless a supervising teacher can be found

Floor Hockey


Team Handball

Soccer “touches” and modified small-sided games