General Information


Rush Arts currently offers 10 Interscholastic sports at the school as well as several staff-facilitated and several student-facilitated sports clubs and tournaments throughout the year. 
This page, lists information parents may want to know about our athletics in general.
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Basic Information about our school’s Athletic programs:
The school competes in the Philadelphia Public League as a representative of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, District XII,
Team Colors: Purple & Black (White)
Team Mascot: Knights.  Why?  Because the School is located on Knights Road
Home locations:
Volleyball, Basketball = School gym = 11081 Knights Road, 19154
Soccer, Field Hockey, Baseball, Softball = Academy Sports Association = Academy and Torrey, 19154 or 3331 Byberry Road 19154 (same field, different entrances)


Athletics are to be promoted as a tool to enhance a student’s wellness through sports (physical health, intellectual health, social health, emotional health and spiritual health as in morals/values.) The role of a coach is that of a teacher first; instructing in all aspects of development and competition including but not limited to technical skill, tactical skill, fitness, and character as it relates to sports. By the coach teaching and developing the sport skills of the player as an individual and the team as a whole, it is the hope of our department that students who are selected for teams gain a life-long appreciation for the sport and can apply key fundamentals concerning effort, achievement, sportsmanship, character, determination, and at times failure, to all aspects of life thus, overcoming adversity and clinging to successes earned.