Emails and google classroom postings were sent by each coach to all 3 of our winter sports teams and communication with you will continue as things progress.  As of 1/25/2021, students signed up for the 2 Basketball teams are scheduled to meet outside, gym side parking lot at Rush Arts, on Thursday, Jan 29th SUBJECT TO CHANGE based on the weather in order to turn in paperwork and such.  This may get postponed due to the pending snow and frigid temps.  The bowling team is scheduled to meet next week at Thunderbird Lanes Holem Ave exact date and time to be determined.

In either case, it is imperative that you get your PIAA paperwork filled out in advance, pages 1-6 and page 10 located on as well as the district’s “eh-80” trip form.  At the risk of sounding rude, if you do not have those papers filled out, please do not come.  You will not be permitted to stay.

Things are likely going to be day to day and changing as we progress.  We will update our athletes as we get new information given to us by the league, school district, and city.


Thank you.