I am very sorry that I have to post this announcement that the Philadelphia Public League has suspended all athletics in School District of Philadelphia schools until January 1st
with the ability to reassess sooner than that based on future recommendations by the city’s dept of health.
As Athletic Director, I sincerely appreciate seeing all of you want to take part in athletics and represent our school.
The passion some of you bring to the table and the will your coaches show to coach, teach and train you, is sincerely appreciated and rewarding for me.
There is a balance between the physical risks associated with Covid-19 and the Physical, Social and Emotional benefits gained from participating in athletics.  Add in the logistical nightmare of transportation to and from practices and games during an all-virtual start to the school year, and
obviously, the powers that be felt the risks outweighed the benefits
It is truly upsetting for me personally to be the one to give you this news and I can only hope and look forward to coming together again in play, training, and competition in the future.
Thank you for being part of or trying to be part of the Rush Arts Athletics program